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Lindsay Loewe
     Nannies Around the Bend is a search firm located in the Michiana area. We specialize in placing exceptional nannies in homes, whether it be part-time, full-time or a temporary basis. We are committed to providing your family with a dedicated, responsible caretaker who enhances your family's dynamics.
     Our firm is diligent in pre-screening potential nannies; this process insures only the highest quality caregivers are presented to your family. In addition to multiple interviews, an extensive background check is conducted and all personal references are contacted.
     We cherish the relationships we build with our clients so it is our policy to offer on going support and assistance as needed, in order for you to maintain a solid family/nanny partnership. Therefore, we are available to mediate any issues or concerns which may arise. We are only an email or phone call away.
     Whether you happen to be a family looking for the "perfect" nanny, or you are a nanny seeking the "right" family, rest assured that Nannies Around the Bend will help you achieve your goal


A Purdue University sociologist is recruiting Indiana mothers to take part in a study about breast milk pumping in the workplace.

Associate professor of sociology Elizabeth Hoffman is conducting a study on the issue to better understand the obstacles and challenges that women face. She's seeking mothers who used to pump at work, are currently doing so, started but had to stop, or had planned to pump at work but were unable to do so.
Participants are invited to participate in a 30-minute confidential interview or a 20-minute confidential online survey. Anyone interested in participating in the interview or has questions should contact Hoffmann at 765-496-2225.


~ Midwife Laura ~

A complete and customized homebirth kit that includes all the childbirth supplies necessary for your home birth … delivered right to your door.
Plastic drop sheet, 5 extra large chux, 10 large chux, 5 small chuxpads, olive oil, digital thermometer, black bags, white bags, placenta bags, hydrogen peroxide, bulb syringe, large peach pads, Depends underwear, mesh underwear, peri-bottle, perineal cold pack, ibuprofen, newborn hats, tape measure, alcohol pads, sterile gauze, straws, lubrication tube. Various sample/info products.

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This unique blend of herbs is meant to be taken the 5 weeks prior to your due date.


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Crib Club/BABE Store
The Crib Club/BABE program provides cribs, diapers, clothing and other baby items under an incentive system that rewards participation in parenting classes, prenatal care and other valuable programs. Coupons are provided which can be redeemed at the Crib
Club stores.
Maternity Clothing
Children's Clothing (NB-4T)
Community referrals
All things pregnancy & baby
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Welcome to DiaperHQ!  We are passionate about cloth diapering.  Explore the site to learn about cloth diapers, browse our store, or find out how you can see cloth diapers first hand at one of our diaper parties.
DiaperHQ is owned by a Newborn Intensive Care Nurse.  Shop confidently knowing that cloth is safe for your baby!


Mothering By Nature ... A unique pregnancy & baby boutique offering natural products for natural parenting!  We offer earth-friendly, natural products, cloth diapers & everything related, cloth training pants, various baby slings, wraps & carriers, books & toys, herbs, and gifts for pregnancy, birth, baby & beyond. Come on in and try on a baby carrier! We have a sitting place to gather, toys for the children to place with, and a scale to weigh your baby. Watch for various classes & workshops that will be offtered!


1155 Lighthouse Lane, Goshen, IN 46526
 Whether this is your first baby or you have given birth before, Goshen Birth Center offers a natural birth alternative for women who want to experience a natural birth in a home-like setting. Our experienced certified nurse-midwives provide care that focuses on the birth of your baby as a natural, safe and normal life event. 


This list serves as a resource only and is not accountable for the individuals or organizations listed. Further enquiry of individuals and organizations listed is strongly encouraged.