Monday, January 21, 2013

Have You Heard...

Two Sustainable Businesses in South Bend Connect!

Ecological Babies, a cloth diaper, sling, and natural parenting business and resource in South Bend is now offering some of their top cloth diapers and accessories for sale in the storefront Just Goods in downtown South Bend. Besides the items in the store, anyone can visit Ecological Babies’ site, place an order for any items, and then pick them up at their convenience at Just Goods.

Ecological Babies provides all the education, support, and cloth diapering items you to get started.  In addition, they carry slings and provide complimentary tutorials, so you can wear your baby comfortably and safely.  Finally, they carry a range of natural baby and mama products.

Just Goods focuses on fair trade, organic, and local products in their store. You can find a variety of household items, fair trade food items, women’s clothing and jewelry, eco-friendly baby items, and much more.

 Becky Reimbold, owner of Just Goods, and Jen Starks have been connected since Jen moved into town about 1.5 years ago.  
 “She's (Becky) one of the only woman-owned local businesses in town where I (Jen) felt our mission of social justice regarding fair labor and ecologically sound goods matched up.  She's also one of the leaders in the Michiana Green Pages who really works hard to boost local businesses.  In her store, she has a decent size baby and children's section and I believe the products I carry help round out and compliment what is already in the store”.
 “Many have either never heard of or never actually been in Just Goods and by bringing the cloth diapers into her store, it will allow new potential customers who would really benefit from knowing about her store, to come in and check out all the great products.  It allows me to show the community what a cloth diaper looks like and allow me to connect with them to provide all the education they need to get started.”
“More concisely, my mission is to help families, especially those pregnant and/or with babies and young children, learn how to create a foundation of sustainable living as a family unit.  I believe cloth diapers are one of the first big decisions on raising "ecological" babies but also one of the toughest choices for those who are not located in an area where cloth diapers are common.  Therefore, I hope to be that local access to walk them through how to get started and then provide unlimited support once they start using them.”  

For Downtown South Bend's "First Fridays", Ecological Babies will be featured there in March.  The prior Wednesday evening, we're going to have a reception to kick off our official partnership, Just Goods & Ecological Babies.  It will be 2/27 from 5-7pm and all are more than welcome to come in the store!  On my website, Jen has a link to how and why she started Ecological Babies:  

 Jen and Ecological Babies are active in South Bend Green Drinks, attend Memorial Hospital's Childbirth Unit's Open House, have started a "cloth diapers support group in Michiana", hosted the Great Cloth Diaper Change last year (and am planning for this one on 4/20!), am an advertiser and big advocate of Edible Michiana, connected with Michiana Midwives in Goshen (for personal use as well!), and have reached out to mom's groups like Le Leche League, Holistic Mom's, and Michiana Moms groups specifically in South Bend.  I hope to become even more involved in the Michiana Birth network, LLL, and Purple Porch Co-op's new natural store opening in the summer to help continue to build up our growing community of those interested in sustainable living.

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