Friday, July 6, 2012

Birth Professionals Gathering-Michigan

It is once again time to meet together, to meet and encourage each other. This meeting is open to anybody with an interest in the world of birth: doulas, midwives, LLL leaders, massage therapists, birth educators, etc. Anybody who is passionate about supporting and encouraging natural childbirth and looking for a community of like- minded people.

We fit pretty nicely into the Brunson Hill Art House, so we shall be
meeting there again.
It is a red and green house with steps leading up to the front door.
Call if you get lost: 269-926-2334.

Let's bring food to share again.

Last time I had thought it would be interesting if each of us also
brought something to share briefly: a current birth-field piece of
legislation update, a new-to-you technique for some aspect of labor, a
helpful way of dealing with common pregnancy complaints, etc. We
ended up having plenty to discuss without these added topics, but it's
always good to share new information when it comes out. We may not
get to everyone's or anyone's piece of information, or there may be
some overlap. It will just be good to go home knowing something new.
Again, if we fill the time just fellowshipping, that's entirely
To summarize:
July 26
6 pm
Bring a dish to pass
Bring a piece of information to share briefly

Please RSVP

Hope to see you all there! And do talk to others who should be
there. I know previously I thought I contacted everyone, but I hadn't ,
so some people didn't find out about it until too late.


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