Saturday, July 14, 2012

Birth Photography


Hi everyone! I'm Jeri Hoag and I am a pro photographer located in Goshen, IN that specializes in documentary birth photography covering the Michiana area including birth center, hospital or home births. I also specialize in



phy has always been a passion of mine since my high school and college years, but I kept it as a hobby until the summer of 2008, about one year after giving birth to my third child. This is when I realized that I had already forgotten some of those precious moments from his birth and the few images my husband captured for me didn’t include him since he was behind the camera. It hit me then that those moments are fleeting and I wanted to capture them for other women experiencing the miracle of birth. I thought, why not offer birth photography? After all, giving birth to your child is one of the most amazing, life-changing experiences of your life. You can see more of my work on my business page: Jeri Hoag Photography or my blog:

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