Friday, September 30, 2011

Freedom to birth in ANY position you want!

Sloths are solitary animals that only come together for mating, during March or April. A male attracts a female by marking an area with his scent. Approximately six months after conception, the female gives birth to a single baby, while she hangs upside down. The baby crawls out and clings right-side-up to her belly. The newborn is approximately 10 inches (25 cm) long and weighs about 12 ounces (340 g). At 20 to 25 days, the young sloth will begin to hang upside down, and will nurse for approximately 75 days, after which it begins to eat the same vegetation as the mother. The youngster can cling onto tree branches by six months and by eight to nine months can fend for itself, although many mothers and offspring stay together for two or more years after the birth. Sexual maturity is reached at three and a half years for females, and five years for males.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Birth Professional SW Mchigan Gathering

Thursday October 27th @ 6 pm
Bring a dish to pass
Bring a piece of information to share briefly
Please RSVP
Betsy McCanse

It is once again time to meet together, to meet and encourage each other. This meeting is open to anybody with an interest in the world of birth: doulas, midwives, LLL leaders, massage therapists, birth educators, etc. Anybody who is passionate about supporting and encouraging natural childbirth and looking for a community of like- minded people.
We fit pretty nicely into the Brunson Hill Art House, so we shall be
meeting there again. It is a red and green house with steps leading up to the front door. Call if you get lost: 269-926-2334.
Latecomers are always welcome. Last time I had thought it would be interesting if each of us also brought something to share briefly: a current birth-field piece of legislation update, a new-to-you technique for some aspect of labor, a helpful way of dealing with common pregnancy complaints, etc.

FREE Birth Movie Nights!

DATE: Sunday October 16th
TIME: 6:00pm-8:00pm
LOCATION: Auburn Birthing Center 1915 Wesley Road, Auburn, IN

If you are a birth professional (DR, midwife, L&D nurse, lactation counsultant, chiropractor, birth assistant, doula, massage therapist), an expectant OR experienced parent interested in learning more about birth and birth related topic - YOU are invited to this free event!

Our FIRST EVER Movie Night will be held on October 16th (Sunday) at 6pm to 8pm and our feature film is ..."Gentle Birth Choices." Surprise special feature! In honor of National Midwifery Week there will be discussion following the movie on midwives serving in the state of Indiana

Each movie night presentation will be held at the Auburn Birthing Center, LLC in Auburn Indiana. All presentations are Sunday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

2011 Fall Schedule:
October 16th "Gentle Birth Choices"
November 13th "Nutrition During Pregnancy"
December 11th "Nativity Story"


MOVIE NIGHT FEATURES: Films: "Business of Being Born", "Pregnant in America", "Gentle Birth Choices", "Happiest Baby on the Block", "The Miracle of Life" and Many More!

SPEAKERS: Some movie nights will have a special presentation from a birth professional (physicians, midwives, doulas, and other birth professionals) about a birth/birth related topic

MORE INFO:Visit Blessed Journeys on facebook and the

REGISTRATION: *Registration is limited to 25 due to space. Please RSVP to ensure registration. Additionally, due to the nature of our practice and the unpredictability of birth, it may be necessary cancel and reschedule an event. All cancellations and reschedule dates will be posted on both the Blessed Journeys and Auburn Birthing Center Facebook pages.

BIRTH-RELATED BUSINESSES: If you provide pregnancy/birth-related services and are interested in marketing opportunities - we are accepting information. Please contact us for details at

Midwives Assistants, and New Midwives~~ Work Shop

Thursday & Friday October 20th - 21st
Fort Wayne, Indiana
Hosted by: Ireena Keeslar

This event is for midwive's assistants and for new midwives. It is a skills training workshop. We will cover: how to help at a birth, your role, basic charting, set up for a delivery, and estimating blood loss. We will discuss and practice the following skills: vitals, blood draws, injections, IV's, pelvimetry, pelvic exams, and Paps.

We will begin on Thursday October 20th 9am-5pm and continue on Friday October 21st 9am-4pm.

Fees: There will be a fee of $50 per person for lab supplies. Payment must be received by the end of September.

You must RSVP if you are attending and information will be sent to you via email. Once your payment has been received an information packet will be sent to you via email.

I am asking midwives to please share this with your students or helpers that you would like to have a bit more training. Feel free to share this with your midwifery-birth assistant friends.