Saturday, January 29, 2011

Home Birth Child Birth Classes

These are preparation classes for those choosing a homebirth. Anyone is welcome to take these classes who is planning a homebirth regardless of care provider or anyone who would like more information about home birth. If interested please contact Rhoda Baughman @ 260-450-1520 for further info regarding class fee and what all the classes include.

Date/Time: Saturday March 12th @ 9:30am & Saturday March 19th @ 9:30am
Location: 4126 North County Line Road East, Huntertown, IN 46748

Share Your Birth Story

Women have been having babies for centuries. We have all heard birth stories about people we know and people we don't know. Here is an opportunity for you to share yours! I know I will


Our Mission
For everyone who has been through the journey to motherhood, you know of the decisions (OB/gyn vs midwife), the questions (what does labor feel like?) and the uncertainties (what kind of a mom will I be?) that each pregnant woman faces. Yet even though these are shared experiences, we often feel alone on the journey, constantly trying to make informed decisions without sometimes knowing what questions to even ask. Often the journey through pregnancy, birth, babyhood and beyond is something far from the expected. But it is a shared rite of passage even on those days when we feel far removed and alone.

So here is Unexpectant–an experiment in collecting real mother’s stories–the ups, the downs, the lost expectations and alarming surprises. We want to hear your experiences and truths concerning pregnancy, labor, delivery, motherhood and more. Over the next few months, we will ask questions about your journey. We want to hear from you and we hope you will join the conversation and spread the word. Who knows where exactly this all will go, but we hope it becomes a useful tool and resource.

And so, share your story. Together we can help guide others who are beginning their journeys, encourage those who are in the midst and maybe even find a little catharsis along the way. Will you join with us?